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Frequently asked questions:

Where and What is Venetian Hillsboro?


Venetian Hillsboro is a newly-renovated event & wedding venue located in the heart of Downtown Hillsboro, Oregon.


Read about the history of the 140-year-old building here. 

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Will Venetian Hillsboro still be a theater/venue and restaurant?


This remodeled movie theater now serves as a wedding and event venue space that will accommodate many different kinds of festivities: both live and privately held.

We can host public events such as live music concerts, stage productions, dinner theater, and anything else you can think of. 

Additionally, we can hold private events such as weddings, elopements, benefit banquets, receptions, private dinners, catered events, or pairing experiences.

What is the style of the new renovation?


We've brightened the space with more lighting, as well as cleaned up some of the outdated finishings with a modern take on NW Nature. "Modern meets rustic" is what we've been calling it. During the remodel we were sure to expose as many of the old elements of the building as we could, for example some of the original brick, as well as leaving the upstairs ceiling exposed. We've procured and finished reclaimed barn wood from the Helvetia area to use for the new façade, adding historical value to the building.

There are many clean lines and wood elements, as well as plants, stone walls, and similar natural components. The theater space will be outfitted with a hardwood floor and other features creating a grandness that will make the space come alive. Ultimately we want all the elements in the space to drive interest and allow you to discover new and interesting views while you venture through the building, as many others have in the past. 

Did the Venetian close?


As of July 5th, 2022, the Restaurant portion of the Venetian will no longer be open on a daily basis. We will still be open for concerts, events, and private dining, as this is the core of what we do as a company and have found great success in it. If you have a group booking with us in any of our private dining spaces, we will still be open for your event.

In addition, we are working on a dinner club subscription with guest chefs, so follow us on Social Media to be informed of those! We will strive to have the restaurant portion open during community events that take place on Main Street, albeit with a more casual and quick menu. Gifts Cards will always be honored at all events and dining that take place at the Venetian.  We may open again as a restaurant as more development continues to happen on Main Street and I want to personally reassure you the Venetian is not going anywhere or shutting down, we are going to focus on bringing more events into Downtown Hillsboro.


Please visit www.venetianhillsboro.com/events to see our growing list of public events already scheduled.

What is your COVID policy?


We will not require proof of vaccination or negative COVID test upon entry to our space. We will not require guests to wear masks in our space (following the lift of Oregon's mask mandate). We do ask that guests who are experiencing COVID-like symptoms please stay home.